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A Little Girl Called Charlie
by Karen June Lund

© 2005 Karen June Lund. All rights reserved.

"Time for school", called Mum.
"Not going!", said Charlie.
"What do you mean you're not going?" said Mum.
"My Teddy's sick and he needs me, so I have decided I had better stay at home today."

"Well, said Mum, I can look after Teddy for you. I will take really good care of him and you can go to school."

"But Mum, Teddy doesn't want you to take care of him. He needs his Mummy and that's me. You always say to me when I am sick, I need my Mummy to look after me and put me to bed and give me some medicine. So I shall do all that Mummy stuff for Teddy."

"Charlie sweetheart, little girls need to go to school to learn lots of interesting and important things and I am sure Teddy wouldn't want you to miss school. What if we make a deal?".

"Not again, Mummy, you always want to make DEALS with me".

"Well, Charlie, Mummy's are particularly good at making deals with their little girls. So here goes. Today's deal is - we take Teddy to school with us in your school bag and that way you can say goodbye and hand him back to me to take home and look after him for you. Then, when it is home time, I will bring him with me and you can carry him home again. How about that then for a deal?"

"Don't like it!" said Charlie in a very cross voice.

"What do you mean you don't like it?", said Mum feeling like she wasn't going to win this deal this time.

`I WANT TO STAY AT HOME AND LOOK AFTER TEDDY, I DO, I DO!" shouted Charlie at the top of her voice.

Mummy didn't want to get cross with Charlie and the time was getting on, so much so, that if they didn't get ready soon, they would be late for school. So Mummy decided to make another deal with Charlie.

"Well Charlie, I really don't think it is nice to shout and get all angry about this. School is school and every little boy and little girl has to go to school. So I am going to make another deal with you, Charlie. This is how it goes. I will promise to take Teddy to see the doctor whilst you are at school. Then when you come home, Teddy will be tucked up in your bed keeping warm and waiting for you to take over from me. Because by then I will be really tired and I will need your help. What do you think about that then, Charlie?".

"OK Mum, what are you waiting for. I'm going to be late for school! Come on you, silly billy!!."So Charlie took Mummy by the hand and raced to the door with her hat and coat on and her school bag. And What do you think happened to Teddy?.

Teddy, got chucked on the floor! Poor old Teddy!.


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