Hospital Child Stories

Hospital child stories help you and your child get through it...

There’s absolutely nothing harder than seeing one’s children suffer. Our natural instinct as parents is to protect our children…although we can’t always shield them from life.

Fortunately, what we can do is to help them understand; and we can also comfort them. And that’s where Hospital Child Stories come in. These are inspirational, moving – and sometimes even funny – stories about how children cope with cancer, leukemia and other serious illnesses.

Rutger's Magnetic World, by Paul Arinaga

In this inspiring story, Rutger explores mysterious worlds within an MRI machine...and becomes a hero.

To find out what Rutger discovers inside an MRI machine, read the story...

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Billy's Bodacious Belly, by Paul Arinaga

In this funny story Billy feels rumblings in his tummy, but it's more than just an appendix!

To find out what's lurking in Billy's belly, read the story...

Read this story or download the pdf file

Being in a hospital is no fun!

Being in a hospital is mostly no fun. I know because I had two major surgeries (one to remove a tumor) as an adult. The food is bad, the lighting is harsh, and people wake you up at all hours of the night to prod you with needles or check your vital signs. When I took an MRI scan, I thought I was going to be swallowed alive!

Basically, I hate hospitals!

Everything seems bigger when you're a kid.

And if I, as an adult, feel that way, imagine what it must be like for a kid. Everything seems bigger and more imposing when you’re a kid. Nowadays, going around the island of Oahu in Hawaii seems like nothing to me. I can make the pleasant trip in a day. But when I was a kid, driving from one end of the island to the other with my parents seemed like a journey to the moon. That’s the perspective that kids have.

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