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Give me a scary story!
(uh...but not too scary, please).

Sweet and funny stories are nice, but sometimes you're just in the mood to get good scare.

A short scary story is perfect for a cold winter night, or even a warm summer evening. And a scary halloween story isn't only for halloween. Children love a good scare once in a while, so get your ghost story for child here (but be careful not to scare them TOO much!).

Have you ever thought about what makes a scary story scary? I think that mood helps a lot: turn off or turn down the lights (why not just the fire, if it's cold and you have a fireplace?), use a scary voice as you read/tell it. It also helps if the story seems very "real"; if it seems familiar enough that it could actually happen.

I hate to give tips on telling lies, but it's said that good liars inject a bit of truth into their lies. Perhaps the same is true with a scary story; it's more believable when it's based to some extent on real people, places and happenings.

The thought that "It could happen" makes a scary ghost story extra scary.

The Fireplace

Jason finally gets to use his fireplace...but with some unexpected results.

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