Teaching Material

Learning Guide for "Jerry's Magic Shoes"

Suitable for ages 7-11

This story can be used to teach children (and adults!) the power of positive thinking (in a realistic way), that practice and persistence pay off, and, most important of all, that our self-image is what defines us, not what other people think.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does Jerry feel at the beginning of the story? Why does he feel that way?

  2. Do you ever feel like Jerry?

  3. What does Michael Jordan say to Jerry? Does it make sense to you?

  4. How come Jerry plays well after the time out?

  5. Do you think that Jerry’s shoes are magic?

  6. What do you do or think when you want to do something well (play a sport, play a musical instrument, create a picture, etc.)?

  7. Is it important what other people think of us? When/how might it be? When/how might it not be?

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