Teaching Material

Learning Guide for "Santa's Vacation"

Suitable for ages 5-8

This story teaches values such as empathy, gratitude and altruism, and how we can look beyond our own narrow self-interest. It also shows that sometimes there is a time and place for “tough love”. Lastly, it can even be used for early “career development”.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think Santa was feeling sad? Why was he tired?

  2. Why do you think Santa ate and drank so much? Was it healthy?

  3. Do you think Santa should be skinny? Is Santa happy with his body? Should he be?

  4. Why do you think Santa is unhappy on his first day of training with Kimo? When does he start to enjoy it?

  5. Do you ever feel tired, like you need a break? Do you think your Mom & Dad or your teachers ever feel tired, too?

  6. How did Santa feel when he went back to the North Pole? Why did he feel that way?

  7. Do you think Mrs. Claus was mean to send Santa on vacation even though he didn’t want to go? Do your Mom & Dad or teachers ever make you do things that are good for you but that you don’t want to do?

  8. Why do you think Santa works so hard all year to make toys for boys and girls around the world? Do you think he enjoys it?

  9. What kind of job would you like to do when you get big? Can you already “start” your job in some way (e.g. by pretending, wearing costumes, reading books about people who do the job)?
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