Free Easter Story

'Twas the Night Before Easter
by Adele Chatten

© 2006 Adele Chatten. All rights reserved.

'Twas the night before easter and all under the town,
The bunnies were all busy, bustling around

The easter eggs sat on the table just so
The bunnies could paint them all with a glow

To make them all special, pink, purple and blue
And some would have stickers and sparkles with glue

When they were dry, so pretty and gay,
"Grab the baskets" the head of the bunnies would say

Some bunnies added tissue, others the treats
Some added confetti, easter cards and more sweets

They printed out addresses, so they would know
To which gardens the bunnies were sure to go

They gathered their baskets, addresses in hand
And hopped out the door to the wonderful land

Which way should they go? Who to visit first?
The bunnies were so excited, they thought they would burst

They came to the garden and looked all around
They had to hide the eggs, so they could be found

Up in the trees, behind flowers, on a gate
Hurry bunnies, hurry! We cannot be late

And so they worked hard, they did not stop
Their feet, oh how tired, at home how'd they'd flop

But they would not quit until the very last one
Was hidden away, then home they begun

The sun came out, the bunnies at home
All the children out in the garden they'd roam

They could not wait to go out and see
Those colorful eggs that were hidden with glee

They found all those treats and brought them in
And put them all away in mommy's special tin

As they ate all the chocolate and sweets that day
Fast asleep all the bunnies quietly lay

And so the job for the bunnies was done
And what really mattered is everyone had fun.

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